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250 gr

Estate Mantiqueira mountain, Racho Sao Benetito
Processing Natural
Variety Yellow Bourbon
Cup Profile Stonefruits, prune, caramel


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In 1896 the farm Fazenda do Rosário was created by Custódio Theodoro Ribeiro de Carvalho and in 1950 Mariana de Carvalho Junqueira, his daughter, took over the management and a few years later renamed it Rancho São Benedit.

Mariana is characterized by her deep love for the coffee culture. Thus, following the family tradition and her passion for the world of coffee, she creates the most sophisticated form of the farm.

The farm is located in a mountainous area, with very fertile soils, a mild climate with defined seasons and an annual rainfall of 1,700 mm. All crops are planted in areas with an altitude of between 930 and 1,450 m. The harvesting is done by the farmers themselves manually and then collected coffee is transported to the processing centre, where it is washed and peeled with potable running water.

The coffees of different varieties and plots are kept separately. Once they have reached the ideal drying stage, they are transferred to wood-lined resting bins, where they remain for a few days after processing, packaging and storage for sale.

As production increases, the farms are modernised, with the challenge of always producing top quality coffees. The focus on quality has brought many awards, placing it among the most awarded farms in Brazil.

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