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In 2008, Panagiotis Matziounis takes over the reins of his family business, a traditional coffee roastery that, since 1954, has been offering consistently freshly roasted ibrik (greek) coffee in the prefecture of Serres. Following in the footsteps of the two previous generations, the new owners are giving new life to the historic business. According to the requirements of modern times, the operation of a new production line begins, this of the espresso coffee, as espresso starts gaining importance in the everyday life of Greek consumers. After a decade of continuous training, research and experimentation, the need to present a new perspective to the previously established concept of coffee is created. So in 2017 Roasters Kolektiva is inaugurated: the vision of ​​a group of people who, despite their diversity, are united by their common passion for coffee. The foundation of Kolektiva is accompanied by title of National Champion for PanagiotisMatzounis, at the 1st Hellenic Coffee Roasting Championship organized by SCA Greece in October 2017, a distinction that not only did reward the excellent technique, the experience and the integrated result, but also intensified the passion for development and production of excellent coffees.


Roasters Kolektiva is a community where coffee connoisseurs interact, cooperate and co-create. Our philosophy is underpinned by our very own name. Kolektiva: a framework of creativity and experimentation on the concept of coffee, that brings people closer to processes that were unknown to this day: how a green fruit is processed to end up in our cup as a delicious beverage. Having as main principles the methodicality, specialization and innovation, we radically differentiate both in the approach of the object and in its qualitative characteristics. 

Carefully selected coffee varieties from all over the world with unique personalities, from specific coffee producers, are always roasted in small batches, processed and packaged manually in order to maintain their quality characteristics. High-quality blends, which were created and tested by cupping specialists, professional baristi, but also by ordinary coffee lovers, compose a delicious palette, able to meet the most demanding tastes. Roasters Kolektiva addresses the genuine exponents of the third wave and seeks to present unique coffee profiles that aim at achieving  the maximum pleasure from a cup.


The recall of images and memories through the intense smell of quality coffee, the shy smile and the spontaneous exclamation of genuine pleasure after the first sip, are everyday behaviors that enhance our commitment to finding gourmet coffees, top varieties, and producing unique blends. As a result, Roasters Kolektiva’s primary purpose is maintaining the quality and continuous improvement, always based on the experience and knowledge on coffee, as well as on the technological development of all production stages, from the selection of raw beans to a perfectly served cup of coffee.