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The history of Roasters Kolektiva starts in 1954 as a family business characterized by the love and passion for high quality coffee. In 2017 the strong rebranding of the business sets a new benchmark that makes the brand focus on specialty coffee. Our philosophy is based on three values: “Methodology – Specialization – Innovation” and this way identifies the vision of the company, for the most enjoyable specialty coffee experience.

Roasters Kolektiva was created by people who share common values, such as the passion for excellent quality coffee, and is aimed at people who demand the maximum possible pleasure in their daily drink.
At the same time, this new destination of Roasters Kolektiva is also locked by two very important awards, when in October 2017 our CEO, Panagiotis Maziounis, won 1st place in the 1st Panhellenic Coffee Roasting Championship organized by SCA and in 2018, 2nd place in the Coffee Roasting Championship also organized by SCA.

To this day, our aim is to continuously select, roast, source and serve the finest specialty coffee, whose every sip captures an entire journey from around the world and tells a unique story.


Roasters Kolektiva is a group of people who love quality coffee, co-exist, cooperate and constantly have as a common goal the perfect result.
Our philosophy is reflected in our brand name which demonstrates a framework of gathering-free creation and experimentation, which brings the consumer in contact with processes regarding coffee that were unknown until now: and they concern the whole journey of the product, that is, how a green fruit ends up in our cup as a delectable drink. Having methodicality, specialization and innovation as our basic principles, we radically differentiate ourselves both in the way we approach the object and in its quality characteristics.

Selected varieties of coffee from all continents, coffees with a unique personality, from specific micro-producers, are carefully selected, always roasted in small quantities, processed and packed by hand in order to perfectly preserve their characteristics. High quality coffees that were made and co-formed by cupping specialists, professional baristas, experts of the genre but also by simple coffee lovers, compose a taste palette able to cover even the most demanding tastes.


Each sip has a single purpose: The recall of images and memories through the unique aromas of a quality coffee and the spontaneous smile born from the genuine pleasure of this tasting experience. For us, this is the motivation that reinforces our commitment to finding the most special coffees, top varieties and producing unique blends. Roasters Kolektiva aims in every way to maintain quality and continuous improvement, always guided by experience and know-how in coffee, as well as the technological development of all stages of production, from the green fruit to the perfectly served coffee.


At the same time, our need to create direct relationships with coffee lovers was the motivation for the first Kolektiva Lab, our coffee shops based on the most modern Coffee to Go concept, with a variety of coffee flavors that offer the ultimate pleasure in every sip and perfectly meet the needs of the modern consumer for the ideal coffee on the go, at work or at home.
n every Kolektiva Lab, you will find highly trained people who love the perfect taste of coffee and who are there to guide you to find the cup with the flavors and aromas that suit you perfectly. Many of our Baristas, as SCA Authorized Trainers, undertake the group trainings of professional groups and of course the training of any new member who is to be added to our team at any Kolektiva Lab.
What differentiates us is the personal contact with each customer individually, the non-negotiable goal of ensuring the perfect result and the modesty with which we must handle each fresh specialty coffee.
For us, good coffee is everyone’s right!