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The history of Roasters Kolektiva starts in 1954 as a family business characterized by the love and passion for high quality coffee. In 2017, the powerful rebranding comes and it sets a new point of reference that makes the brand focus on specialty coffee. Our philosophy is based on the triptych “Methodology – Specialization – Innovation” developing in this way the vision of the company, for the most pleasant experience of specialty coffee.
Roasters Kolektiva was created by people who share common values, as the passion for specialty coffee and it appeals to people who demand the maximum possible pleasure in their daily drink.
The rebranding of Roasters Kolektiva is accompanied by a crucial win. Our CEO Panagiotis Matziounis gains the 1st place in the 1st Hellenic Championship Coffee Roasting organized by SCA in October 2017.
In 2018, the 2 nd place in the Coffee Roasting Championship which was organized by SCA as well, determines the direction that Roasters Kolektiva will follow after the rebranding: To continuously try to source, taste and serve the most delicious specialty coffee whose every sip tells a story.


The consistency and expertise we maintain at every stage of the process, as well as the non-negotiable quality of our coffee, have contributed to the creation of a strong network of partners. The companies in which we supply our coffee embrace the same values as us and are surrounded by individuals who share a common characteristic: their love for the highest quality coffee.
For that reason, we support our B2B partners indiscriminately, in every way and at every stage of the process, thus building long-term partnerships based on mutual respect. At the same time, our need to create direct relationships with the coffee lovers, was the motivation for the first Kolektiva Lab, our coffee shops which are based on the most modern Coffee to Go concept

with a variety of coffee flavors that offer the ultimate pleasure and perfectly meet the needs of the modern consumer on the walk, at work and at home.
In every Kolektiva Lab, you will find highly trained people who adore the good taste of coffee and who are there to guide you to find the cup with the flavors and aromas that suits you perfectly. Plenty of our Baristas, as Authorized SCA Trainers, undertake the group trainings of coffee shops and of course the training of each new member who is about to be added to the Kolektiva Lab team.
What differentiates us is the personal touch with each individual customer, the non-negotiable goal to ensure the perfect result and the modesty with which we have to handle fresh specialty coffees. For us, good coffee is everyone’s right


Each sip has a single purpose. The recall of images and memories through the unique aromas of a quality coffee, the spontaneous smile born from the genuine enjoyment of this tasting experience. This purpose is for us the motivation that reinforces our commitment to finding gourmet coffees, top varieties and producing unique blends. As a result, Roasters Kolektiva’s constant goal is to maintain quality and continuous improvement, always guided by experience and expertise in coffee, as well as technological development of all stages of production, from the raw bean to the perfectly served coffee.