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Single origin, micro-lots and specialty coffees

In the process of producing an exceptional coffee, it all starts with the raw bean. The original flavor profile of the coffee bean is determined by the terroir of the coffee tree-which means the climate, temperature, soil and all the environmental characteristics that surround it. This makes the origin of coffee an important factor for its choice. Single-origin coffees come from a single geographical location, from a particular crop from one country or, in some cases, from a specific farm. Micro-lot coffees are the best production of a crop, which has been distinguished for its quality and often is cultivated and monitored particularly. Micro-lot coffees come in very small batches and represent less than 1% of the annual production of coffee. On the other hand, the definition of specialty coffee refers to Arabica varities which have been rated with 80 +/100 points. An experienced coffee roaster is challenged to choose the varieties of coffee under detailed procedures that include the evaluation of raw beans and sample roasting. In Roasters Kolektiva, our commitment is to find raw material from 4 continents and producers who cultivate ethically premium quality coffee.


Roasting plan and micro-roasting

Roasting shapes the final characteristics of the bean and transforms it. During roasting, green coffee beans are changing color, aroma, density, while the characteristic flavours evolve and finalize. The roast master, based on his roasting plan, manages a setting of factors, such as the strength of the flame and the volume of air, in order to achieve the desired effect. The degree of roasting of the beans is the most critical factor in forming the coffee flavor in the cup. The degrees, or roasting levels, are generally determined by the color of the bean during roasting and vary from light to very dark. Micro-roasting refers to the  roasting of coffee in small batches with precise specifications, and it allows achieving the best possible flavor and a final product of higher quality. Micro-roasting requires a specialized professional roast master that uses all five senses to detect when coffee beans are roasted to perfection. In Roasters Kolektiva, our experience allows us to discern the roasting needs of each coffee and to create roasting profiles that highlight their characteristics. Our coffee is always made in small batches to ensure that each one individually is roasted to meet our high standards.


Coffee tasting and evaluation

Roasted coffee presents a striking range of flavors and aromas, a result of the combination of raw material quality and the technique of roasting. Coffee tasting is therefore necessary to evaluate the result. Coffee cupping is a method of assessing a coffee, a process that helps us to understand and to record its characteristics, peculiarities and defects. Studying coffee in its basic form, the cupper is called to appreciate some of its finest points. By following a standard procedure that allows us to study the different coffees under the same conditions, so that comparability is feasible, we create our tasting notes referring to the aroma, acidity, flavor, body and aftertaste of each. Cupping is a way of evaluating the roasting but in Roasters Kolektiva we use the procedure for much more: it helps us to make decisions about the green coffee that we will choose, to evaluate new roasting profiles or as quality control tool for existing profiles. In addition, the cupping procedure guides the experienced cuppers of Kolektiva on the blending of coffees.


Testing, recording and packaging.

Achieving an exceptional coffee does not stop here. As important is the technique of roasting, so is the ability to maintain the level of quality in production. In Roasters Kolektiva, our main concern is to provide with consistency and duration the same excellent result that you tasted when you tried our coffee for the first time. For this reason we attach particular importance to the recording of roasting and to the measurements of the results. With exquisite quality controls that include measurements of moisture, density, color of roasted beans, and paired with our tasting notes, we are able to achieve the same quality in each batch. Additionally, our goal is to get our coffee in your hands freshly roasted with unaltered its characteristics. Therefore, your coffee is roasted with your order, ground the way you choose and packaged the same day, in certified bags with degassing valve. As the elimination of carbon dioxide is a feature of freshly roasted coffee, the one-way degassing valve allows the product to eliminate gradually the gases, preventing at the same time contact with the oxygen that would cause oxidation. This way we ensure that with each Roasters Kolektiva  bag you receive you enjoy coffee at its best.

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