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Our team is consists of people who enjoy quality coffee and are inspired by every step of the production process. From finding the finest varieties of green coffee, to perfect roasting and final brewing, our love for the perfect result remains undiminished. This is exactly the philosophy we try to convey to each of our partners who trust us and choose to supply their store with products bearing our signature.
Our goal is to provide to our B2B collaborations a complete package of services that perfectly covers the needs of each store and offers our them and their customers, a unified feeling of security, trust and teamwork.

We supply coffee shops and businesses with the products made exclusively by us, such as, our excellent quality freshly roasted coffee, teas and chocolates, while at the same time we also undertake the complete equipment of the shop as the machines and devices required for producing the perfect result.
At the same time, the correct and comprehensive training of our partners during our collaboration is one of the most important factors of the success of a store. To each of our partners, we provide a complete training package according to Roasters Kolektiva standards, which includes detailed information about the origins of the coffees, the roasting techniques we apply, the preparation of the perfect version of each drink and all the secrets that and we ourselves apply for the perfect customer service.

Finally, maintaining an excellent partnership and the constant pleasure of the people who trust us is our main priority. For this reason, we always stand by each partner store, providing the support required for any issue that arises and offering immediate solutions to potential problems.
At Roasters Kolektiva we have managed to build a network of partners throughout Greece consisting of people and businesses connected through their love and passion for the tastiest cup of coffee. If you would like to learn more about the complete partnership package we offer for each business uniquely, please contact us for our first meeting.

If you want to stand out, come join us.