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The heart of Roasters Kolektiva beats just outside the city of Serres, in our Roastery, an up-to-date spot that we have created to give life to excellent coffees that reach us from every corner of the world. Every day we receive significant quantities of raw, green coffee which initially bears no resemblance to the end result that most of us have in mind. Our mission is to roast each bean to perfection, so that all the aromas and taste notes of each variety are released and all the conditions that left their flavor imprint on the coffee at any stage of its development are rendered to the maximum possible.

Our factory is in a new, impressive 1800 square meter building and is literally where tradition and dedication to the perfect result meet innovation and know-how. Our place is equipped with contemporary machines that allow us to set the ideal roasting conditions and observe the process in every phase so that we have full control for the perfect result.

A very crucial step of the process that we never skip is the testing and evaluation we carry out on each batch that is roasted, until we find the ideal result. Our specialized team, due to the experience and know-how they have maintained for years, organizes daily cupping so that we can be sure that we have achieved the perfect roasting point and that each coffee has perfectly unlocked its flavor profile.

At Roasters Kolektiva we roast the coffee every day and each batch is directly transferred to the packaging department where our team prepares it for its final destination, our B2B partners, our Kolektiva Lab, Home Baristas or everyone who places their order through our eshop.
You can visit our Roastery in order to gain this unique experience where coffee literally comes to life and at the same time discover the true magic behind every cup of coffee we serve.

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