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Panagiotis Matziounis

Owner, Roast Master

Brought up in Serres, by a family who owned a traditional roastery, Panagiotis fell in love with the world of coffee since a very young age. Initiator of Roasters Kolektiva, he is the main responsible for the choice of green coffee, the roasting, the assessment of the product, and generally each stage of the production process.

Since I can remember myself, I would always find myself next to a roaster, picking coffee beans from the ground. My grandfather used to tell me: for every bean you get, I will give you a penny.

In October 2017, Panagiotis won the title of the Best Coffee Roaster in the 1st Hellenic Coffee Roasting Championship, a distinction that gave him the ticket to represent our country in the World Coffee Roasting Championship 2017 in Guangzhou, China.

Socrates Pantsiotis

Technical Department Manager

With Gas Technician certification and with extensive experience in thermo-hydraulic installations, Socrates has managed to combine his expertise with his love for coffee by undertaking the technical and quality control of our production.

Vasilis Choulioumis

Production Manager

Member of Roasters Kolektiva since its establishment, with specialization in the production and packaging of coffee, and previous barista experience, Vasilis is the main responsible for the fresh result you receive in each Roasters Kolektiva bag.

Giorgos Manolis

Brunch Manager

With many years of experience in the coffee industry and with specialised techical knowledge, George undertook the managements of Katerini's bruch in 2017, always ready to present our products and to cover all of your queries.

Kalliopi Drogala

Marketing and Communications Manager

With studies in marketing and finance, and with previous experience in business development, Kalliopi undertook the position of Marketing and Communications Manager in 2017 and is responsible for our brand management.

Popi Voudouri

Accounting Department Manager

Member of Kolektiva since its establishment, and with previous experience in management and organization, Popi is responsible for the efficient coordination of the accounting department as well as the smooth operation of Roasters Kolektiva.

Tasos Kodellas

SCA Trainer

Certified SCA Trainer and with great experience and recognition in field of coffee in our country, Tasos has undertaken the organization of our educational program while also participating in the quality control and evaluation of our products.

Minas Provatos

Training and Education

With more than 10 years of experience in the coffee industry and advanced barista skills, Minas took over in 2018 Kolektiva's educational programs regarding the production of coffee beverages as well as the quality control of the operation of our shops.

Konstantinos Felekis

Professional Barista

Our most recent colleague, since joining our team in 2018. With his passion for coffee, his valuable knowledge, his great experience and his distinctions in the field, Konstantinos has undertaken the development of Kolektiva in the areas of East Macedonia and Thrace.